Installing Pleiades at Falls Music and Art Festival 2013/14

This year Pleiades is installed in the Gully at Marions Bay - the road that connects the Valley Stage, the Field Stage and the Village.

The creation of Pleiades (felt spheres) is a community art project. The creation of these spheres in the community, and from communities from around the globe was to promote dreams, conversations and ideas. While all these elements unfold around the conception, creation and life of this work the overall essence of the piece holds true – the work acknowledges that with all our differences we all live under the same sun.

The collection as it stands, has spheres sent from Norway, China, India, USA, Japan, spheres made by Dr’s ,Architects, Lawyers,Students, the elderly and the young.

The work is made of over 2,000 cream felt spheres that have been sent from around the world to be included in the collection. This work was originally hung for the Junction Arts Festival - a Regional Arts Australia Conference and Arts Festival in 2010.

Connections – Falls Music and Art Festival 2013/14
Twenty tents (reclaimed tents that were damaged in a storm) all the ropes that came with the tents, plus 200 meters of rope, 10 meters of stainless steel rope and countless hours. This work was woven with techniques taught by the traditional land owners of Goolwa SA and inspired by the language they used when teaching

 The work is currently placed in a cluster of trees in the Valley Stage area at Falls Marions Bay and sits looking over the camping area known as the “bad lands” – Like an eye watching.

Connections will also be installed at the Jackeys Marsh Forest Festival at the end of Jan 2014.

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