Studio work June 2010

Working on a hollow glass chamber for the Regional Arts Australia volunteer awards art work.


Tonight I took a photo of Mrs Frobisher....

A great two weeks of handing over all domestic thoughts and activities has led my family to the arms of another woman!

Over the last few days my beautiful family have spoken fondly of Mrs Frobisher, she is a "cat lady" - she sips tea from fine china, likes good manners, forgets she has socks on and adds another pair to her feet. She talks in funny half sentences, she wears sensible denim jeans, thermals, wool socks and sensible work boots, she sports a pure wool jumper, made in Australia that is good and thick and a crazy red beanie on her head.

My family have talked about how
Mrs Frobisher comes into my home with her wickedly crazy steel wool afro that has been caused by several hours of beanie wearing. The children think her hair is so crazy that a cat lives in it! (that is why they call her the cat lady!) She sits in my chair and is given cups of organic fair trade tea in my fine china cup! She is greeted at the end of the day with much excitement from my family. The other day she even went out in public with my family.

Tonight I took a photo of Mrs Frobisher....


some colour and crazy shapes

some pairs of earings, yet to be cleaned and popped on some earings

A crazy collection of wobbly little pots and plates.
I think of them as little cups and plates for wonky fairies.

This work was made as all the major works I have at the moment are either cream or clear spheres, so COLOUR and SHAPES are what I found my self making between all the very precise clear glass work and all the cream felt spheres.