Connections Jan 1013

Connections is a large rug made using recycled materials and the “tooth brush” rag rug technique. The end result will be many small samples made by the participants. These samples will be stitched together to form one massive rug that can be used for instillation’s. The work is celebrating our diversity yet our connection to each other. The other work that is happening along side this is the recycling of tents form the Falls Festival and other donations to make another massive rag rug. Due to the materials used this work will be more weather tolerant and there for more suitable for exhibiting outside. FanTAStic is the Australian International Girl Guide jamboree is being held in Tasmania from 6 – 12 January 2013. At fanTAStic there are Guides from all over Australia and Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from Japan, Canada, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, Fiji, India, Philippines, Singapore, Hungary, and Ghana. For 7 days it is a uniquely Tasmanian experience, focusing on fun, friendship, new adventures and the environment. ………. over 1700 participants —


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